5 ways to make money off your garden

Many of our friends and fans have beautiful gardens and grow their own food, but some have asked if there is anyway to make money off their gardens. (We all need a little spending money) - The quick answer is YES! 

So we have compiled a list of 5 things that might get those creative juices flowing to get you started on making money off your home garden.

1) Start with the neighbours - the neighbourhood can be your best clientele. Why not approach 10 neighbours and ask if you can deliver to them some fresh organic produce to their door. 10 weekly clients is a nice start to your business.

2) Don't underestimate your walls - most of us living in South Africa have massive walls or fences. Instead of these eye sores, why not make your wall into a "living wall." String some wire along your walls and start planting edible vines. Example: We at Ganico covered our ugly razor wire fence with some Granadilla vines. Now, not only is the fense beautiful, but it also earns us an income. We are sure your neighbours would love some fresh produce off your walls.  

3) Approach your local grocer or restaurant - grow something unique and tasty, then meet with your local chef or shopkeeper. Forget about the large retailers. You are too small and they have too many processes in place - it can drive you crazy!

4) Preserve and sell - come up with an amazing recipe for a preserve or jam for some of your produce. Give it a fancy name, print out some labels at your local printers, and start selling to those 10 neighbours we first mentioned. By doing this you can be selling through winter when its hard to grow something.

5) Saving money is also making money - remember by growing your own food, your bill becomes lower. Lower bill, more pocket money. Imagine if you could replace your families food with just 10 items grown on your own home garden!


We hope these 5 ideas help you on your way to making a little extra holiday money. Please share with us any of your successes or failures with your home garden. 

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