Foraging for the Drinking Class


We love doing new and interesting things on the farm. So we decided to create an event called: Foraging for the Drinking Class. We walked the farm with an intimate number of guests, learning about different edible weeds and flowers, and foraged for the garnishing that would be in our reward - the GnT at the end of the experience!

We started the event off with a bit of history behind our farm, walked and talked. Some highlights were: picking Cape Gooseberries, learning about "malpitte," tasting a calamondin for the first time, or realizing that we grow the Wild Cucumber that is one of the unique ingredients found in the beautiful Flowstone Gin.

An amazing time was had by all. Nothing beats being outdoors during a beautiful Winter's afternoon. Many mentioned they had never done anything like this before in Joburg. This was a truly unique experience!Once we had finished foraging on the farm we settled down to eat a true farm-to-table tapas experience.

Lets not forget why we started this event in the first use all the items we foraged on our farm, and sip them with a unique GnT experience. 

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our event. Until the next time...

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 Photography Jax and Ava
Venue Ganico Organic Estate
Catering Culinary Table
Gin Flowstone


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  • Hi @Caron

    We are not too sure yet, as we are working out all our up and coming events. If possible, please follow us on social media as we announce everything there, or sign up to our newsletter. (We never spam!)

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  • When is the next Foraging for the Drinking Class event? And starting time and how long is it?

    Caron on

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