Foraging with Izelle Hoffman

Its not everyday you get a celebrity lifestyle chef to join your foraging event! So when Izelle Hoffman decided to co-host our Foraging for the Drinking Class, we were super excited. 

As soon as word got out that Izelle would be cooking, with her healthy traditional African style, our event was sold out in minutes!

What a day it was!

We spent the first part of the afternoon foraging for our Gin and Tonic garnishing. We learnt about edible weeds and flowers that are found on our farm.
Next came the competition to see who could make the best looking GnT with the foraged goodies from the farm. The Gin of choice for our event was a limited edition release by Flowstone Gin called Snuff Box. The subtle taste profile of cacao, leather and caramel was a win.

Soon after that we were able to feast on Izelle's amazing cooking, while seated under our 35 year old Liquid Amber trees. Words cannot describe how delicious this food was. Izelle also explained how her life changed because of the anti-inflammatory ingredients she chooses to cook with. (Read some of her life story here)

The evening ended off with laughter, bellies full and many good memories. 

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Venue Ganico Organic Estate
Catering Izelle Hoffman
Gin Flowstone




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