We cant wait for you to join us for our PICK-YOUR-OWN fruit and veg on our farm. To make this day a success we have put together a FAQ survival guide. Enjoy!

Q: What time does the farm gates open and close?
We open at 10am and close at 2pm. So you can arrive anytime between our opening and closing times.

Q: During that time how often are the farm tours?
Farm tours happen every 30 min. The first tour starts and 10:30.
(10:30 – 11:00 – 11:30 – 12:30 – 13:00 – 13:30)

Q: Can we bring our own picnic blankets and food?
We will provide adequate seating and picnic blankets. Unfortunately no food or drinks are allowed on the premises. We will have food and drink for sale from the farm or our deli. The farm will sell food and drinks from 10am – 2pm.

Q: What should I bring on the day?
Your scissors and pruning shears. Don’t forget to also dress for the weather. Sunblock, shoes for outside etc

Q: Can I bring my fur babies (dogs and pets) with me?
Unfortunately due to South African food, health and safety regulations, we as a farm do not allow pets on our farm. (We do love them though)

Q: How long does the farm tour / picking last?
It takes about 45 min to do the farm tour with a guided picking of fruit and vegetables, but you are welcome to carry on picking once the tour is done.

Q: How big is the PICK-YOUR-OWN fruit and veg box? 
It is approximately 37 cm long, by 25 cm wide, by 10cm deep. Enough to forage for about 2-3 people. No other boxes or packets will be allowed.

Q: Once my fruit and veg box is full can I get another one?
Of course! Just pay R185 and we give you another box to carry on foraging.

Q: We are a family of 4. Can we share one box?
Yes you can! You can always order another box once your box is full.

Q: Can I bring my own bags and packets to forage?
No, we kindly request that you buy our PICK-YOUR-OWN boxes. No other packets or boxes will be allowed on the farm. We know this also sounds obvious, but many people have done it. Please don’t stuff our fruit and veg in your own pockets or packets . We as farmers work hard on our organic produce, and putting our produce in your own packets or pockets is the same as stealing. Respect your local farmer.

Q: Where exactly is the farm situated? 
We are in the Muldersdrift area. 25 minutes from Fourways.
Click on this Google Maps link to see the exact location.

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A big thank you...

We would like the that the following people that made this event possible.


  • Exodus for providing the coffee
  • and…YOU for supporting our little farm.