Inspired by our farm and the Margherita styled pizza’s of New York , we decided to curate a pizza experience that the whole family could have fun with. As you know, we at Ganico, care about where our food comes from and are obsessed about quality ingredients.  So we searched far and wide to bring you the best ingredients for your Pizza night.

How to prepare your pizza

Step 01 preheat the oven to 250°C
Step 02 Roll out the pizza dough into any shape you want. Keep it pretty thin, unless you like a thick base.
Step 03 Add the tomato sauce base, and spread it over the pizza. Add the mozzarella cheese. Then add the basil. (You are welcome to add additional toppings…no rules here…just have fun)
Step 04 Bake for 10 minutes or until the crust is lightly browned and the cheese is bubbling.
Step 05 Remove from the oven, cut up, eat and have fun! That is an order!

The flour in your dough is from the amazing team at Millstone Flour. That means the dough you are holding in your hand is wholesome and nutritious. It is an unbleached flour that is free from processing aids, chemicals and artificial preservatives. The BEST! Our dough is then rested for a 3 day period to settle. Slow food as we like to call it.

The basil is foraged from our farm. We are an organic farm so no chemicals or pesticides touch our basil. This is a authentic farm to pizza experience.

Last, but not least, our sauces and cheese are sourced from local artisans and farmers in our neighbourhood who truly believe in good quality ingredients.

Our goal as a farm is to have ZERO waste. That means we have to think carefully about our packaging. Most of the Pizza packaging is made from plant based materials and is recyclable. Please reuse, recycle or compost the packaging we send you.