Organic Free Range Eggs


Buy our nutritious fresh farm eggs. We feed our hens a healthy diet of our organic produce and healthy greens to produce a really tasty and healthy egg for your family.

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Looking for truly nutritious eggs?
Our farm raised hens produce some of the best eggs.

We jokingly say the hens on our farm are fed a diet of Pomegranate caviar and smoothie greens. Yet this is not too far from the truth. All our hens are fed produce we produce on the farm. From our organic Pomegranates to delicious kale and spinach.

What makes our eggs special?

Feeding the chickens the same healthy food we feed ourselves is paramount. We make sure our ladies are well looked after and given the occasional tickle. (They really do love tickles)

One of the unique aspects we incorporate into their diet is some of the edible weeds and flowers we have growing on the farm like chickweed, clovers and kakiebos.

Thank you for the most delicious eggs! Breakfast has never been the same.


You are welcome to buy directly from the farm, or order your eggs through Munching Mongoose who can deliver right to your front door.

Interested in our other organic products? 

Granadilla? Gooseberries? Lemons? Pomegranate Peel Powder?
Please contact us to to find out more information on what we have available on the farm.
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How to get to Ganico

Please type "Ganico" into Google Maps to get to our farm


R30 per half doz or R60 per doz


half dozen (6), dozen (12)

  1. Jill

    I have personally seen the chickens at Ganico, and I can definitely say they are well looked after ladies. It is incredible to see how they eat nutritious weeds and organic veggies from the farm. These eggs are truly organic eggs!

  2. Claudia

    Thank you Ganico! Your farm eggs are now a part of our families daily breakfast. It DOES matter what you feed the hens. It DOES matter what you feed your family. Buying directly from an organic farm is the best!

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