Cape Gooseberry Jam (340g)

by Ganico Organic Estate

R 80.00

The Gooseberries grown on our farm are made into this delicious jam you see before you. This jam has only 3 ingredients. Gooseberries. Raw honey and water. That's it, and that is the way it should be!

Did you know: The Cape Gooseberry got its name because of the amazing "cape" that surrounds the fruit. Not because it is sometimes grown in Cape Town.

NOTE: All products must be collected directly from the farm. Price does not include delivery. 

Latin Name Physalis peruviana
Certified Organic by Ecocert
Ingredients Organic Gooseberries. Raw Honey. Water.
Taste profile Deliciously sweet, with a hint of tart
Best served On warm toast or as a base for your home cooked chicken.