Lilly Pilly Chutney (340g)

by Ganico Organic Estate

R 80.00

We first started growing Lilly Pilly's (Australian Cherry) as wind protection for the Pomegranates. That is until we realized they make an amazing addition to our farm.

We proudly present a collaboration between Antonia and ourselves on our Lilly Pilly Chutney. 

NOTE: All products must be collected directly from the farm. Price does not include delivery. 


Organically Grown by Ganico
Ingredients Lilly pilly, salt, farm garlic, raisins, fresh chilli, apple crushed cloves, black pepper. mustard seed, green peppers, curry powder, tomato apple mixed into a cider vinegar with onion.
Taste profile A beautiful texture of flavour. Unlike anything you have tasted. 
Best served On warm toast or as a base for your home cooked chicken.